Prawnto Shrimp 

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Prawnto Model 400 Delivers Unparalleled Efficiency

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System Highlights

  • Can produce 24,000 or more shrimp per hour
  • Auto transport belts direct pre-graded shrimp to 4 operator stations
  • Each station can produce identical or different cuts (easy-peel, butterfly, round-cut and western cut shrimp)
  • Exit belts send cut and deveined shrimp to their final inspection or cleaning table
  • Complete, one piece, free standing system with adjustable leveling legs, constructed in 304 series stainless steel, bead blast finish   
  • 220 volts and 50 or 60 hertz
  • 950 net weight
  • Footprint 14' 7" L  X  6' 3"  W   X 3' 9" H

Production Capabilities

Automation is where the Model 400 with its four MLG-4 Prawnto Shrimp Machines shows its true capability.  These fan cooled Prawntos can run for extend periods of time, allowing multiple shifts and employee rotations while the system continues to be in action, still maintaining less than 1 % loss in yield associated with the cut and deveining process.

Another advantage of our automation is the auto transport and exit belts.  These belts maintain a consistent flow to each operating station, giving the client the ability to track the production of each machine. 

Our Model 400 has a volume capacity of up to 6000 shrimp per worker per hour and can handle any size shrimp.

For Example:

• 16/20 Shrimp - 375 Pounds Per
Worker x 4 = 1500 Pounds Per Hour
• 21/25 Shrimp - 285 Pounds Per
Worker x 4 = 1143 Pounds Per Hour
• 41/50 Shrimp - 146 Pounds Per
Worker x 4 = 585 Pound Per Hour

Additional Options

• Custom Conveyors - Incoming / Outgoing • Auto Stops for Conveyors & Machines • Automated Spray Down System