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Our Value

The Result of Speed and Efficiency

In 1952 the goal was to take a laborious job and make it easier, faster and more efficient. The result of that goal brought the world the Prawnto, a shrimp processing machine that made the thought of cleaning shrimp a positive one.

During the next 72 years the same goal has improved and continues that positive experience.

Prawnto Shrimp Machine

• 4,000 - 6,000 Pieces Per Hour
• Any Size Shrimp
• Cut Any Depth
• Controlling The Length Of Cut
• Yield Loss Less Than 1%
• No Running Water Required
• Low Maintenance
• Design Efficiency


The primary goal was that it would be a daily used machine that benefited both the retail and processing industry that could be depended on to drive profits. This meant that it would need to be easy to maintain with a consistent processing result. It also needed to be perceived as a primary piece of equipment that the industry felt necessary if they were processing shrimp at any level.

The secondary goal was that the company would create a reputation as a producer of seafood processing equipment that would handle the daily abuse of the seafood industry while also being known for its longevity and return on investment.

We are happy to say "Job Complete" and we are continuing to set the bar with client satisfaction worldwide. The Shrimp Industry is extremely vast, with the continuing introductions of "aqua culture processing" and "back to fresh", Prawnto's performance continues to put the Prawnto Shrimp Machine Co. of Texas as the company of choice.


The Prawnto Shrimp Machine is a hand fed processor that cuts and de-veins shrimp, allowing for multiple settings and styles of cuts.   The most desired cuts are the scored shell, easy peel, round cut, butterfly, and western cut.  The length of cut can also be controlled, for example, to the tail or stopping at the last joint. The Prawnto design is a combination of stainless and aluminum components maintaining a small foot print and keeping the cost in line with not only the purchase price but also the price of replacement parts.


See the Owners Manual for Warranty information.