Prawnto Shrimp 

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Daily Activities 

Preventive Maintenance 


Congratulations on being the new owner of a Prawnto Shrimp Machine, maintenance can be separated into three sections which are listed above.
In these maintenance sections we have placed some of the key factors referenced in the owners manual.

Daily Activities

Daily operating includes oiling, cleaning and storage of the Prawnto; yes that sounds simple enough but time is limited and labor costs.


As noted in your owners manual "Prawnto Oil Is Your Friend" page 11, keeping the discs contact points oiled prevents the discs from chafing and allows them to stay flexible ensuring a longer life.


A clean Prawnto ensures a long life and helps the machine provide the adjustments to cut and devein. See page 10 in owners manual for detailed instructions.


All equipment stored securely will lead to less repairs. Always leave the safety guards in place to ensure protection to your staff form accidental injury and to provide fall protection for your Prawnto.

Preventive Maintenance

This is probably the hardest of the three sections because it is the section that requires tracking yearly tune-ups, listening for unusual noises and observing the daily set up.

Tune-Up Kit

Replacing the working parts supplied in the tune-up kit will help maintain the Prawnto daily and for the future. See page 15 for a break down of the tune up kit, or click Tune-Up Kit.

Unusual Noises

Page 12 of the owners manual discusses the recommended maintenance in the event you were to hear unusual noises.  Encouraging your staff to become familiar with a proper sounding Prawnto will help if those noises occur.

Daily Setup

Proper alignment ensures cutting goals are maintained as discussed on pages 9, 12-13 of the owners manual. Become familiar with this step because alignment is the key to shrimp cutting and deveining.   A visual inspection daily of the setup will increase your yield.


This is truly a straight forward step in the maintenance cycle.


Review the owners manual section "Troubleshooting" on page 14.

Proper Assembly

Use the pictures on pages 16-18 from the owners manual to identify the interior parts for confirmation that the machine is set up correctly. Review the exterior pictures making sure all safety parts are in place when operating.

Setting Up Your Prawnto

Page 9 in our owners manual is always a good spot to review when your center cut, cut depth and cut length setup changes or you switch to a  different shrimp size.