Prawnto Shrimp 

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Prawnto Maintenance

Maintenance on your Prawnto is simply Ordering #539
The Tune-Up Kit can be purchased as a single unit #539 or as individual pieces. The kit contains the active processing parts that show wear over time. We recommend you purchase the Tune-Up Kit at the time of your initial purchase to avoid interruption in your company's production.


Prawnto Tune-Up Kit Contains




Stainless Steel Serrated Blade


Set of 2 Feeder Disc


Roller Disc Set-Up


16" Belt


Roller Shaft


Seal Washers (Kit Includes 3)


Space Washers ( Kit Includes 4)


Tune- Up Kit

International customers, please consider that the addition of a Tune-Up Kit with your initial order will add virtually no shipping cost.

Shipping at a later date will add significantly more in cost due to minimum weight charges per each order.